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Nudist beach Zevenhuizerplas

The Zevenhuiserplas, to the North of Rotterdam is part of the recreation area Rottemeren. The lake was created through sand extraction and has recently doubled in surface area. On the Northern side from the old lake you will find the recreation beaches. On a rather secluded area nudist recreation is permitted. This area is shown clearly with signs.

On the nudist beach there is a toilet (mobile) available. There are no other facilities available. On the textielstrand there is the restaurant De Strandgaper.
The beach has a laying meadow with a sandy beach.

The swim water is sectioned off and the water goes to a maximum of 1.5 meters deep. Outside of the sectioned area the water goes deep very fast.
In the swim water there are a lot of water plants to be found.

  Dogs are not permitted


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