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Nudist beach Vrouwenpolder

Nudist recreation is permitted between pole 8,6 (duinovergang 72) and 10,9.
(approximately from Beach pavilion “Aloha Beach” to Beach pavilion “Pays Bas" in Oostkapelle) directions and signposts are given.
The nudist beach goes over on the South side into the nudist beach Oostkapelle.

At the same nudist recreation is permitted from the pavilion Aquarius next to Vrouwenpolder (by duinovergang 75) to duinovergang 73, Waterwingebied. The beach is only accessible via the dunes if you have a walking card from the
Stichting Zeeuws Landschap, which you can buy from the automatic machine next to the Oranjezon.

 Dogs on a lead are permitted.



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Camping Oranjezon (niet naturistisch).
Boomgaardcamping Hermitage (naturistisch) (met webcam).
Recreatiezeeland Vrouwenpolder

Oostkapelle -

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