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Nudist beach Ameland
Ameland is accessible via the ferry service Holwerd - Ameland.
The crossing takes approximately 45 minutes.

Nudist recreation is permitted on the beaches:
(The area is not shown with signs.)

  1. The beach between pole 4 and 7 (3000 meters).
    Accessible via the Ballumer beach road or via the cycle path through the long dunes, between Ballum and Hollum.
    The beach pavilion Ballum is situated next to the beach entrance.
  2. The beach between pole 9 and 11,5 (2500 meters).
  3. The beach from pole 17,2 in an easterly direction. (19000 meters).
    Accessible via the beach road in Buren.
    The beach pavilion  De Heksenhoed is situated next to the beach entrance.

There are no facilities available on the nudist beach.

    Dogs are permitted.



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