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Nudist beach Ellerstrand

The Ellerstrand is situated on the Veluwemeer, to the South-east of Biddinghuizen. Nudist recreation is permitted on a small section of the Ellerstrand.
The nudist beach is situated to the North-east of Restaurant de Klink. The area is not shown with signs.
There is paid parking on the road, the parking tariff is 3 euros, which can be paid using the automatic machine, which is the start of the parking zone.
Payment can be made using cash or chipknip.
The nudist beach is accessible via several hedge clearings.

The beach is mainly sand, with a few small laying meadows. On the nudist beach there is a toilet block, further there are no facilities.
In good beach weather there is a snack bar available.

The swim water doesn’t go deep quickly. There is a lot of plant life in the water.

    Dogs are not permitted.



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