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Nudist beach De Grote Moere

Closed since 2014

The Grote Moere, to the East of Grolloo, was made through the excavating of sand. The sand excavation began in 1938, and the last sand to be reclaimed was in 1999. The area is approximately 15 Hectares, and is therefore not made suitable for beach recreation.
Staatsbosbeheer (State forest service), the owner of the lake, has plans to fill the lake in and turn it into a nature park. This will mean that the nudist area will be no longer available.

Around the lake there has already been 25 years of nudist recreation, in the recent years it has received a more official (permitted) status on the South eastern side.
In 2004 an association was started through visitors of the lake. The association stopped in 2006 due to the lack of head members.

There are no facilities on the nudist beach.
The very clear swim water is only suitable for capable swimmers.
There is no separate section for children. The municipality advise against swimming here.


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